About Me

Hi! I’m Aisling and welcome to my blog! I’m a Galway girl living in Dublin studying Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics in University College Dublin. I have a major passion for food, healthy living, weight management and physical activity and the aim of my blog is to promote this in an up to date, informal way. I’m not a fan of quick fixes or fad-diets, simply because they’re only short term solutions and sometimes can actually be harmful. I’m all about making small sustainable changes and developing new healthier habits for life.

How the blog started…

“The SuperFit Foodie” was created a few years ago after I found myself stuck in a bit of a rut after finishing college and stopping rowing which had pretty much been my life up until then. I rowed for eight years and represented Ireland on an International level so have always been fit and sporty. Once I stopped and didn’t have anything specific to train for and challenge me, I got lazy… This, coupled with being in my final year of college and sitting at a desk most of the day eating chocolate and drinking coffee, led me to put on a bit of weight, about 28 pounds and I just didn’t feel like myself anymore.


My physical transformation…

Eventually, after getting sick of being angry and feeling sorry for myself I decided to change my lifestyle and get healthy again.  I’m the sort of person who needs to be challenged and see progress and results and that’s why just “being healthy” wasn’t enough. There’s never an end-point where you can say “OK I’ve done that what’s next?”. For this reason I love to set myself challenges whether it be to do a mud run, 5k, lift a certain weight, lose a certain amount of weight or whatever it is. I’m also a scientist and slight perfectionist so I love to document everything and for this reason I set up the blog…


I love a good challenge…

Initially the blog was just an anonymous Instagram page (under the name “Fitstigrammer” – yeah it was an awful name but I never thought it would go anywhere!) where I posted my meals as a way of making sure I cooked healthy things. But it made me start to experiment with recipes, flavours and presentation and I really enjoyed doing so. Eventually somebody recognized that the page was mine and so I decided to make it more personal and share more about myself and my lifestlye. From there the page started to grow and gain followers so I decided to set up a Facebook page and eventually a blog! At the time I was working but not using my college degree (I have a degree in Biomedical Science and a Masters in Regenerative Medicine) so I used the blog and all the background reading for my posts as a way to keep up to date with was going on in the science community.

Since then my blog has grown way more than I ever thought it would and I love doing it. I’ve been lucky enough to guest blog for sites like The Peanut Butter Girl and Pat Divilly Fitness, written for websites such as Intrigue.ie and The Sports Review and write print articles for Evergreen Health Stores and Galway Now Magazine. I’ve been featured in GalwayNow Magazine, The Galway AdvertiserStellar.ie and RTE Lifestyle.

I’ve been nominated in the Irish Blog Awards and the Online Marketing in Galway Awards (for which I was a finalist in four categories in 2016).

In 2015 I also hosted my own event called the “Bootcamp Brunch” in Galway which was a huge success.


I love reading and learning about food and nutrition and how much of an impact it has on our health so I decided to do a Certificate in Human Nutrition in the University of Chester in England. I loved it so much and figured out (after a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do) that I wanted to work in this area as a career so applied to and got accepted on a two year full time Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics in University College Dublin which I started in January 2016.

I love blogging, sharing recipes, photos, training ideas etc. and I hope you enjoy following it! If you can’t get enough then check out my Instagram, Facebook, snapchat and Twitter accounts where I’m pretty much constantly posting and say hi! All the links are in my sidebar.