Shopping Haul/Self-Monitoring

I picked up these handy little bits in Flying Tiger Ireland​ during the week.

The two bits on the right are a little snack box (handy for carrying some chopped fruit, berries or nuts) and a banana box (because I always forget about bananas in my bag and end up finding them crushed a day later. Also, they were only €1 each!

The other thing I got was this food and exercise journal which was only €3! I thought it was really good and when I showed it on my Snapchat a few of you wanted to know where you could get it. I like it because it has a section for daily goals, resistance exercise and reps, cardio exercise and time AND brain exercise! It also has a place to record the amount of sleep you got as well as the amount of laughs you had that day.
In the food section you have space to record all your meals, snacks, water, caffeine and a space for anything that “doesn’t count because you were on the move”.

I’m a huge fan of self-monitoring. It helps keep you on track, monitor your progress and makes you more aware of your actions. Examples of self-monitoring would be recording your weight once a weight, writing down what you eat each day or keeping an exercise journal.

Sometimes we really have no idea what we are doing until we see it written down and even then it might not be what we had thought we were doing! For example, I could think that I’m eating three healthy meals a day and no treats but when I write it all down I might actually find that I have three meals, a snack, some biscuits, five cups of coffee and no fruit or vegetables. I genuinely might not realise this until I see it all written down. Then, once I’m aware of what I’m doing I can change it. (Also, when you are writing all your food down, most people tend to eat better anyways because they don’t want to have to write down that they ate half a pack of biscuits!).

Give it a go for a week or so and see what you find out about your eating and exercise habits. You don’t have to show it to anybody so try and be honest with yourself! You could use a journal like the one I have, a plain notebook, write a note in your phone or use an app like MyFitnessPal which allows you to enter all your food and track the amount of calories you are taking in. You could also take photos of all the things you eat and use an app to make a little collage at then end of the day so that you can get an overall picture of what you eat (this is my favourite method – here’s a blog post I did about a typical day of food a few months ago)

You might need to try a few methods until you find something that works for you but self-monitoring is a really handy weight loss/management tool!