Eyre Cocktail Bar Launch with Suzanne Jackson

I actually remember the day I started following SoSueMe, the incredibly successful blog created by Suzanne Jackson. It was about May 2012 – I only remember because it was while I was doing my final year college exams and so obviously was spending a large proportion of time on Facebook. One of my friends had like the SoSueMe Facebook page so I clicked in to see what it was about. At the time Suzanne only had about 4,000 followers (compared to the 230k she has today!). I had also never really heard of Bloggers and certainly didn’t follow any others at the time. However, through SoSueMe, myself and most of the females in Ireland initially learned how to contour our faces and actually apply makeup. Over the years she has also taught a lot of people how to follow their dreams, build careers out of their passion and become successful enough so that you are actually apply to hire your own boyfriend to work or you. When she set up the blog, Suzanne was working on reception in a radio station but had a background as Beautician. As the blog grew and she became a household name here and abroad (she was recently named as one of the top 10 digital influencers in the world – and the only Irish contender) she left her job and started to blog full time. She now runs workshops around the country and set up her own company called SoSu which boasts a hugely successful nail polish range and sellout contour kits.


Photo courtesy of Julia Dunin Photography

Despite being hugely successful and paving the way for lots of other Irish women to follow their dreams and passions she gets rather unfairly criticized at times and has openly spoken out at the negative and unwarranted abuse she receives on social media. In a country as small as Ireland where we all seem to be in competition with one another and trying to play down other peoples success she handles the negativity very well and comes across as a genuinely lovely person in “real life”. This was clear when she came to Galway to host the opening of The Skeff’s new cocktail Bar called Eyre Cocktail Bar and make her signature cocktail, the “SoSipMe”.

Suzanne spoke about how she forged her career and deals with the ups and downs of living such a public life. While she has her blog and Instagram accounts with beautifully curated galleries of her outfits, make-up, holidays, home and her two dogs – she also gives a daily insight into her actual life on Snapchat. She brings her followers along with her on a daily basis and you actually do get to see the amount of hard work, stressful days and late nights in front of a computer screen that actually go into running a successful blog and business (while casually planning a wedding on the side). She works hard, gets stressed out and angry at times but this is why people can relate to her (while I was writing this I actually had a look at her Snapchat story’ She has just landed in Phuket, Thailand for a holiday and has spent time over the last few weeks showing us some of the outfits she’s bringing and how she meticulously chose all her beauty and skincare products and packed them for her trip – and now her bags were never actually put on the connecting flight. While this would be awful for anyone when you’re a beauty and fashion blogger and are now stuck with one outfit and the hotel shampoo this is definitely an issue!).


She has become one of the most successful people in her industry, on a worldwide level. Starting from the bottom, when blogging wasn’t even a career option here she has made it a possibility for others.  I asked her what her advice would be for anyone else who is starting out yet hasn’t found their confidence yet and she said that the secret is to be consistent and persevere. That goes for everything in life. The people who succeed are the ones who don’t give up.

I took in her advice over a cocktail, or three. In fairness the new Eyre Cocktail menu is amazing so I had to try a few. There are only a few good places in Galway that do decent cocktails and I’ve been coming to the Skeff with my friends for years and we’ve always loved them. The new menu has all the usual favourites but they’ve added lots of new and unusual ones. I  love cocktails with egg white in them – I know that sounds horrible to some people but try it! It’s usually mixed with lemon or lime juice which gives it a deliciously sour and thick texture. So the first cocktail I tried was a Midori Sour. It was gorgeous but also looks great in photos!


I love to take photos and thankfully I was there with a group of Bloggers from ITWBN who were all just as snaphappy as I was. Jack Dineen from Connacht Rugby was MC for the night and took over The Skeff’s Snapchat (@theskeffb), twitter wall and selfie stand – which we made good use of.

After my Midori, the whole group tried some Lynchburg Lemonades which were lovely. Towards the end of the night myself and Saibh from ITWBN and Blogger at Wild Cosmia went for some Espresso Martinis which were just the kick we needed.


Overall it was a fantastic night. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for cocktails in Galway I would definitely recommend it – you can check out the menu here. They also have a great restaurant which I actually did a review on during the Galway Food Festival if you want to check it out here.



A few of the cocktails on offer…




  1. April 29, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    Great post Ashling! Loving all the photos from the night x

    • April 30, 2016 / 4:26 pm

      Thanks! Such a good night, can’t wait for the next event!x