Tomato, Basil and Cottage Cheese Bruschetta

One of my all time favourite flavour combinations is tomato and basil (with a tiny pinch of sea salt). This is probably because I associate it with being on holiday in a hot country but I still love to make it at home. It’s quick, simple and cheap to make and tomatoes are full of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, so it’s a super healthy salad too!

For a more substantial lunch I like to pair it with some toasted bread (I’m loving rye bread at the moment) and cottage cheese (which is low in fat and high in protein which will help keep you feeling full).

Pairing it up with a mixed leaf salad, some radish, peppers and beetroot is a great way to add extra substance to your meal as well as getting in some of your five a day.



2 slices of rye bread toasted.

About 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese.

4-5 cherry tomatoes (halved and quartered)

A few torn basil leaves

Pinch of sea salt

Mixed salad leaves

1/2 a beetroot chopped

2 radishes sliced finely

1 grilled red pepper (from a jar)

Greek yoghurt (optional)


Prepare your salad by mixing together the leaves, chopped radish, beetroot and peppers. Add a few small dollops of Greek yoghurt as a dressing if you like.

Toast the rye bread.

Mix together the chopped tomatoes, basil and sea salt.

Spread the cottage cheese on the rye bread and top with the tomato and basil.

Enjoy! It might help to imagine you’re sitting in a vineyard in Italy… 😉