BBG – Week 1

I love having a plan. If I don’t have one I just don’t really know where I’m going or what I’m doing – obviously. However,  in terms of getting fit and healthy, having a plan is the difference between success and failure. When you have a diet plan you can be prepared for when you go shopping, buy the right foods, cook the right meals, have your cheat days planned and generally just know what on earth you’re doing and trying to achieve. The same goes for planning your workouts. There’s nothing worse than deciding that you’re going to go to the gym only to arrive and discover you have no idea what to do, hop aimlessly on a bike or cross-trainer for 20 minutes because you’re too shy to head into the weights section or circuits area and then hit the shower without ever really working up a sweat.


This has pretty much been me for the last few weeks since I’ve moved to Dublin and stopped going to my regular bootcamp classes. I loved bootcamp as it was on every Monday, Wednsday and Friday at 7pm.  I turned up, did what I was told for an hour and was exhausted going home and love it. Going to the gym alone I find it hard to come up with a workout and would be too shy to bust out some burpees in the middle of the gym by myself. I was talking to a few girls from my class and asking them what they do and found out they feel the same but would love to go and do some circuits as a group. It’s less intimidating taking over a corner of the gym and doing squat jumps until you’re almost purple in the face when you’ve got others doing the same thing!


The aftermath of day 1

We got talking about what workouts we wanted to do and found that a few of us either had done, or owned the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides (read my review of them here) so we figured this would be perfect. It’s a 12 week programme of high intensity circuits that you do three times a week (legs and cardio one day, arms and abs another and then full body on another). You also add in some long low intensity walks and stretching (the guides tell you exactly how to do everything). On Monday we did day 1. I had actually worked up to week 5 before I went on holiday last Summer and I really liked them. I did them from home by myself (I just bought a mat and some light dumbbells) so I knew how tough the sessions actually are (Bikini Body Guide makes them sound like easy workouts but they aren’t! Although don’t worry, there is 4 weeks of pre-training for anyone who hasn’t been exercising recently). It’s now Tuesday and my legs are killing me everytime I stand up even though I had actually been going to the gym up until now – this is just a totally different type of training! I’ll admit I left out the LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) workout today but did walk in and out of college which took about 40 minutes so I felt that was something!


The legs and cardio workout we did on Monday

There are food guides that you can buy with the workouts and they look good although I prefer to experiment with my own meals so I’m probably not going to follow them this time. The food guide gives 14 days of meals and recipes. Generally her meals are about 1600 calories per day (which is a 500 calorie deficit for the average woman aged 16-25 working out 3-5 times a week and would result in a 0.5kg fat loss per week which is very realistic and attainable for most people). She also doesn’t exclude any food groups which I really like. It’s an all round balanced and achievable food plan which is great for long term weight loss.

I’ll be back next week with an update on how week 1 went but if you want to follow me in the meantime then you can check out my Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles – all the links are in the sidebar (you’ll probably be sick of me after week 2 but if you’re doing the plans too then let me know!).



  1. Ann-Marie
    March 9, 2016 / 9:24 am

    I started Kayla’s BBG last year, stuck at it for about 2 weeks! *shame* Found it difficult to stay motivated when doing it on my own and anyone I followed on instagram was already super skinny and didn’t seem to be struggling at all.
    Will look for you on snapchat and see if I can get back on the BBG program, I’ve two wedding and a foreign holiday to get in shape for this year, as well as a few 10k races to get fit for.

    • March 15, 2016 / 1:18 pm

      It definitely is tough to do it alone. I did 5 weeks of it last year before I went on holidays and found it difficult to start again when I got home as I preferred training with people. I’ve started again with a group and even if we can’t do the session together we still try and keep each other accountable on whats-app so maybe pick a friend who can keep you accountable and see if that helps? A lot of the girls that she features have been doing the programme for months or even years so you’ve just got to remember that they all had to start somewhere! I did week one last week and my legs have only just recovered. Did week 2 legs yesterday and while the session was still a killer I’m not in quite as much pain the next day this week! Keep your long term goals in mind and maybe set a goal for every week to keep yourself motivated – even if that goal is just to do all three of the circuit workouts one week, the next week it could be to add in a walk, the next it could be to cut out some treats from your diet and replace it with some more fruit. Small efforts over time will give great and long lasting results!