Quick and Healthy Lunch Ideas

If you’e been following me on social media you might have seen that I’ve recently moved to Dublin to start a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. At the moment I’m staying with friends until we get our own apartment (I totally underestimated how difficult apartment hunting would be though!). Anyways, because of this I don’t have all the ingredients and facilities to go trying out lots of new recipes. However, I still browse through loads of other blogs during the week so I thought I’d do a round up of some easy to make healthy lunch ideas that I plan to try out and hopefully you might like too!

1. Salad Jars

To be honest, I didn’t get the appeal of salad jars until I read this BuzzFeed article explaining what the deal is with the layers. I was like “well I don’t want to eat each layer alone but there’s no room to mix it up”. Turns out you add the dressing first followed by heavy grains or proteins. This prevents the lighter ingredients from getting crushed and soggy. Next add any small toppings like nuts and cheese that you don’t want getting wet until you eat the salad. Add your leaves last so that when you tip out the salad into a bowl that they form the base. Genius! (You all probably already knew this but seriously #mindblown).

Lunch ideas

2. Leftovers

Even if you don’t have access to a microwave where you work, there are some leftover dinners that are just as nice served cold the next day. This Ginger Lime Shrimp Quinoa looks like it would be perfect either way. Cooking a big dinner and keeping some for lunch not only saves time but it’s also more cost-effective as you can buy weekly ingredients in bulk. (If you don’t want to bring leftovers then at least try freezing individual portions for weeknight dinners).


3. Grilled Vegetable and Hummus Pitta Bread

I love this combination of ingredients. By simply combining some roasted vegetables with hummus in a wholewheat pitta bread you’ve got one really healthy and satisfying lunch. Hummus is easy enough to make yourself but to be honest I usually just buy mine. Save some roasted vegetables from the previous nights dinner and try out this sandwich (click here for recipe).


4. Healthy Burrito Bowl

Once you leave off the sour cream and cheese toppings, burritos aren’t actually that unhealthy. Burrito bowls made with brown rice, beans, chicken, spices, lettuce, avocado and tomato constitute a pretty good meal. They would be an especially good lunch for anyone who works out in the evening before they’ve had dinner as it will fill you up and give you energy but as it’s low fat it won’t sit in your stomach and make you feel sick.


5. Spicy Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken And Sweet Potato

If you want to go all out with your packed lunch and really show off your culinary skills then this Spicy Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken And Sweet Potato will do just that!


6. 5 Minute Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

As the name states this salad is super quick to make. You can already buy spiralized carrots and chopped cabbage/kale  in some shops in Ireland now so there is the bare minimum of prep involved here!