Piri-Piri Chicken Salad

So for the month of January myself, Ursula from Mom Fitness Diary and Alan Mullen from Operation Transformation are coming up with some healthy recipes and meal ideas in a collaboration with Dennys. I’ll be using their chicken and turkey products in a few recipes over the next few weeks and first up is this Piri-piri chicken salad that I made using the Denny piri-piri chicken.

I whipped this up on my lunch break in under five minutes as all it involves is a bit of chopping and assembly! I always keep a jar of grilled red peppers and jalapenos in the fridge as they are cheap, healthy, last for ages and add strong flavours to salads so you don’t need to go using much dressing (or any at all – the best option if you are using a dressing is a balsamic vinaigrette made using three parts olive oil to one part balsamic vinaigrette. Olive oil contains lots of good fats and helps you absorb certain vitamins from your salad).


1 head of baby gem lettuce
1/2 pack Denny piri-piri chicken
1 grilled red pepper, sliced
4-5 sun-dried tomatoes
1/2 a normal tomato, diced
A slice of avocado, chopped
2 radishes, sliced
a few green jalapeños, chopped
6-7 cashew nuts

Mix everything together and enjoy!

P.s. watch out for the vultures…