Caveman Grub Competition

Want to get your hands on all these delicious goodies from local Galway based company Caveman Grub? Of course you do! Keep reading to find out how…


Caveman Grub was set up by Jac Keady whose aim is to produce tasty, healthy convenient paleo foods at affordable prices. She says “Not everyone has the luxury of affording meals delivered to their door, or paying €5 for one slice of paleo cake, and generally we don’t have the time to trek around shops looking for exotic ingredients, only to spend another 3 hours trying to make something from them in the kitchen! We have a passion for good food and understand it can be difficult to eat a healthy ‘clean’ diet when your stuck for time or on a budget.”

With this in mind she has created a range of pre-mixed cake, brownie and bread mixes which are all paleo (i.e. gluten and dairy free). Since all the dry ingredients are pre-mixed, you just need to add a few wet ingredients and bake, making the whole process extremely simple even for the most inexperienced bakers! I’ve just baked the paleo brownies and they were absolutely gorgeous. In fact, the whole batch was gone in a few hours.


Head over to my Facebook and Instagram pages to enter for a chance to win the entire range of Caveman Grub products which includes:

Paleo Bread Mix (€3.99)

Paleo Multi-Seed Bread Mix (€3.99)

Caveman Vanilla Cake Mix (€5.50)

Paleo Brownie Mix (€5.50)

No-Grain-Ola Bar (€2.20)

If you want to get your hands on them now then head over to where you can shop online. The No-Grain-Ola bars are also available in Galway in 37 West, Mr Waffle and Nourish Cafe.