Top 10 Gifts for FitChicks

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Gym Bunny in your life or, let’s be honest here, for yourself then look no further. Just casually share, tweet or snap this post to your nearest and dearest with whatever number catches your fancy to drop the most subtle of hints…

FitChick Gift Guide

1. Gym Gear

Going to the gym nowadays actually requires some planning in the fashion department. If you work out a lot you probably live in your gym gear anyway so why not make it fun and quirky – it’s basically motivation to go work out too. I’m all for getting cheap gear in the likes of Penneys and Dunnes, particularly tops, jumpers etc. but I think it’s worth investing in good quality leggings as they’ll last years (literally), will be squat-proof (very important) and the good quality material will be like a pair of spanx keeping everything in place while you jump, twist and God knows what else during your workout.

law 2.0

My absolute favourite are the Nike Legend 2.0’s. I have about four pairs in various patterns but they are so comfortable and last months, even with almost daily washing. The thick high waistband is also great for keeping any love handles smooth. I also recently ordered this pair of leggings from Swedish brand icaniwill. If you’re looking for more quirky designs these are really cool.

i can i will

2. Nutribullet

If you’re going to invest in one piece of kitchen equipment then this should be it. From making juices, smoothies, raw desserts, nut butters etc. the NutriBullet does it all. I use mine almost daily and got it in Argos for €120. There are cheaper versions and brands available which are probably just as good although this one is really powerful. It literally blitzes anything so if you want to use it for more than just juicing it’s probably worth the investment.

nutribullet3. Spiralizer

If you’re going to invest in two pieces of kitchen equipment then definitely also look into getting a spiralizer (check out my blog post What’s a Spiralizer? if you’ve never heard of them before). These are so handy for making low carb alternatives to pasta using courgettes, butternut squash, carrots etc. The table-top spiralizer, at €24.99, is a lot handier and faster to use than the small handheld ones. You can literally spiralize a whole courgette in about 10 seconds with this, #MindBlown I know.

spiralizer4. Diary

Keeping track of your progress and being able to look back and see how far you’ve come is the only way to keep yourself motivated to keep going and for this reason I’ve always kept one. I picked up this 5 year diary in Avoca a few months ago and the great thing about it is that it’s designed so that you only have to write 1 or 2 sentences a night making it so much easier and a lot less pressure than writing essays which meaning you might actually stick to it! Get it online here.


5. Phone

This is a generic one but how else are you going to take your gym selfies, food photos and keep up to date with all your favourite Bloggers!? I got the One+ in May and love it. It’s an Android, 64GB (which is massive), has great battery life, a huge screen and a really good camera (there are loads of pre-set modes but there are also options to adjust the light balance settings etc. which can get a bit annoying sometimes but once you figure out how to work it it takes a great photo). It’s described as the “flagship killer” basically meaning it’s as good as Samsung and iPhone but half the price. At €249 it’s a bargain for how good the phone is and so much cheaper than more well known equivalents.


6. Fitness Class Membership

Fitness classes, as opposed to just going to the gym alone are such a fantastic way to exercise. You join a community, get fit, get healthy and have fun. I couldn’t recommend these highly enough. I’ve seen loads of people be given vouchers for Christmas, initially being a bit pissed off but then really getting into it and totally changing their lifestyle. For anyone living in Galway this is the gym I go to. Classes are €75 per month with three classes included per week and I love it.

7. Online Programmes

Online classes are another great option, especially if you don’t have time to go to a gym, don’t want to train with others or would prefer to squeeze in quick session at a time that suits you. There are loads out there but the one I know and love are the Kayla Itsines guides. She also recently launch an app.

8. Sports Massage

Anyone who trains a lot or works out probably also moans a lot about their sore muscles. You’re probably sick of it so why not pack them off for a bit of pampering and get them a sports/deep tissue massage (although sports massages are rarely what you would called pampering but they won’t know that until after). For a less expensive version get them a foam roller which they should use on a weekly basis to roll out any knots and lactic acid build ups (it’s great because you get to watch them roll around on the floor in pain while you watch Netflix).

9. Penney’s Voucher

Again this is a bit of a generic one but there’s no doubt it will be appreciated! Penney’s is great for things like jumpers to throw on after the gym, gym gear itself and all the other essentials like the endless amounts of socks you use, hair grips, hair types etc. Basically the FitChick Essentials.

10. Cook Book

If they’re into their food then you can’t go wrong with a cookbook. My favourites are The Happy Pear, Deliciously Ella, Rick Steins India and The Extra Virgin Cookbook but there are so many other great ones out there.


So I hope that’s given you some ideas for your gift list! If however, you awake on Christmas morning to find that your hints weren’t picked up then hit the sales and think of these as investments…