New Year Resolutions #fail

I don’t think I’ve ever kept a New Years resolution for more than a week, at most. They’re always too broad and once I go off track even a tiny bit I’m like “well that was a COMPLETE fail I’m going to go on full sabotage mode now”. Well I’m not that extreme but I’m guessing a few of you feel the same… Like how can “be more healthy” be a resolution. What does “healthy” mean exactly? What are the endpoints? How can you measure it? How do you know when you’ve done it? You can never “finish” being healthy and that’s what a lot of people struggle with.

In todays society we like and need to see results, get feedback and be rewarded. Obviously “being healthy” is good for your body and mind etc. but since we can’t really see and measure these on a daily basis, people who are results driven and successful can’t see the results of their hard work so find it hard to continue after the initial few weeks which they’ll actually probably be really good at.


So instead of picking very general goals and resolutions for the new year try and be specific. For example say that you are going to lose or gain X amount of weight and maintain it. Set yourself a challenge of running five races and going for PB’s. Your goals, no matter what they are just need to be specific, measurable, achievable, results focused and time bound.

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