25, Visualize it

I always visualized 24 as being this magical age that would be the best year of my life. That ultimately meant that everything would go downhill afterwards. I have no idea why I picked 24 but I did.

I really believe in the power of visualization. I know some people think it’s a pile of s**t but I learned how to do it when I was younger as part of my rowing training and since it worked so well in sport I applied it to other areas of my life. We’d sit down as a team at the start of the season and visualize winning the championships at the end. We’d also sit down the night before a race and visualize every detail of the day from waking up to standing on the podium with our gold medals. We’d go through scenarios of things going wrong or us being behind but we always visualized ourselves winning. It’s similar to the “if you think you can you will and if you think you can’t you won’t” philosophy. No matter how much you have to drill it into your head to convince yourself that you can do something, eventually you tell yourself enough that you end up allowing yourself to do it. I know for some people this all sounds crazy but try it for yourself!

So for some reason I decided to visualize 24 as being an amazing, life-altering year and I think the lifetime visualization practice may have been worth it as it turned out to be a pretty good year. I didn’t do anything amazing but I feel as if I learnt more and grew more as a person in one year than I did in 24! Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way…

  1. If you persist at something long enough and don’t give up everytime something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you kept going.
  2. What’s for you won’t pass you. This is my Moms favourite saying and its come to be one of mine too. Whenever something goes wrong or I don’t get something I’ve worked so hard for, she says this. It’s a way of turning a negative situation into a positive one just by changing your mindset and being positive that something better will come along for you.images
  3. If it’s worth getting it’s going to be hard to get. This is my favourite quote and one I always come back to when things get tough.fe67302a842c7ab54ed04e2e2ab02ac2
  4. Who gives a f**k? This little nugget of wisdom can actually be credited to my boyfriend. I’m a worrier, about everything, whereas he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. I regularly recite this to myself when worrying about what people think and this leads me on to my next point….
  5. People don’t actually really care what you do. They’re more worried about themselves and probably aren’t taking any notice or will forget about you soon enough anyway.
  6. You create your own luck. I used to think I was naturally really lucky but as I got older I’ve realised you create your own luck through hard work, being in the right place at the right time and networking with the right people. I still tend to find money on the ground a lot but maybe that’s just down to being observant?the-harder-you-work-the-luckier-you-get-watercolor
  7. If you’ve got money spend it. I’m literally the type of person who would hoard their Communion money but my Dad, shocked and appalled by this, encouraged me to spend it, but not recklessly. If you have money you’ve worked hard for and earned then spend it on things you enjoy, whether it be travelling, eating out, funding your hobbies or treating others. Basically don’t be  miserable but don’t be foolish either.
  8. If you don’t enjoy something anymore then stop doing it -simple as. (Although if it’s your career then make sure you have a back up plan first!).
  9. There’s nothing better than having a passion in life so find a hobby you enjoy and make time to do it at least once a week. Even though they say make your passion your career, once you start depending on something to earn a living it becomes stressful and you kind of lose the enjoyment and stress-relief it used to bring. It’s far better to find something you enjoy doing and do it purely for the love of it. At least then if you are stuck in a job you hate at least you have a steady income and a hobby you love to do to ease your stress.find-something-you-are-passionate-about-and-keep-tremendously-interested-in-it-julia-child-quote-passionate-inspirational-quotes
  10. Do things that both scare and excite you. This is definitely the one that I embraced most this year. I put myself out there into so many situations that before would have terrified me. They weren’t even major things, for me it was just walking into a room where I knew nobody and forcing myself to network and introduce myself. It was scary and uncomfortable but now I actually enjoy it.


Now, time to visualize some cake…