10 Showstopper Vegetarian Christmas Mains

For vegetarians, and non-vegetarians alike, if you’re looking for a delicious alternative to a nut-roast or turkey as the focus of your Christmas dinner this year then look no further. I’ve compiled a list of the tastiest vegetarian showstopper dishes from some of my favourite websites and chefs into one place.

If you’re new to vegetarian cooking you might know that it can be challenging at first. Coming up with recipes that don’t rely on meat as the main focus and flavour can be difficult if you’re not used to it but I actually think that after spending a few months cooking meat-free meals, experimenting with new vegetables and different flavour combinations to make it all interesting and appealing is a wonderful way to broaden your palette and improve your cooking skills (and at least you know you’re highly unlikely to give anyone food poisoning!).

For the last two years my family did away with the turkey and had a completely vegetarian Christmas dinner. To be honest, it was difficult trying to find a main dish to replace the turkey and ham so to make it easier for anyone else thinking of doing the same I’ve compiled a list of some tasty looking mains that caught my eye…

  1.  Persian Squash and Pistachio Roast


2.  Beetroot and Shallot Tarte Tatin with Walnut, Orange and Dill Dressing

444647-1-eng-GB_beetroot-and-shallot-tarte-tatin-470x540 (1)

3. Caramelized Onion Tart with Goats Cheese


4.  Sweet Potato Nut Roast

2-Karen-nut-loaf5. Chestnut, Spinach and Blue Cheese en-Croute


6.  Parsnip, Cranberry and Chestnut Loaf


7. Jamie Oliver Nutloaf


8.  Creamy Root Vegetable and Chickpea Crumble


9. Aubergine, Courgette and Yogurt Upside Down Cake


10. Roast parsnips and jerusalem artichokes with cavolo nero and stilton


How good do all these look! Now, if somebody would just like to come and actually cook them for me that would be great…