Run or Dye Galway

I’ve wanted to do a colour run for years so when Run or Dye came to Galway yesterday I had to go! I’ve done mudruns before and in my head I was expecting it to be a similarly fun but torturous experience but it was actually really enjoyable and you don’t get wet, electrocuted or have to crawl through suspicious “mud”. It was set in beautiful grounds of Lough Cutra Castle and the run itself took us through a forest trail by the lakeshore. It was “only” 5km and since it’s not timed and is open to both adults and children it’s not competitive (until you get passed out by 6 year olds, then it gets competitive!).



For anyone who has never heard of a colour run it’s basically  just a run where you get pelted with coloured powder (cornstarch and food dye) at various points throughout the race. It is inspired by the Hindu Holi festival of colour. By the end of the day you are a beautiful rainbow mess) or look like an oompa loompa is you get a lot of the orange powder like myself and my boyfriend did.

On the day everyone is given a white race t-shirt (I thought the weather was going to be atrocious so also picked up this cool neon yellow base layer in Penneys) and a pack of dye. No sooner had we our t-shirts on before we were doused in powder by strangers and ended up in a big colour fight.




The powder is fine and washes out but a good tip is to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes when running through powder stations. If you want to being your phone with you then keep it in a sealed plastic sand which bag as powder and phones do not mix well!


During the race there are different colour stations every kilometre. At the first station we made the mistake of egging on the kids who were throwing the dye and ended up being ganged up on by all of them! So we learnt our lesson and were more cautious (and a lot faster) running through the next stations!





After 5k and 5 colour stations we thought we were done but no…next came the colour blower machine!

If anyone was following my day on snapchat and saw a very blurry orange video it’s because I was in the middle of the crowd and decided it would be a great idea to take a video! Just as I was getting my phone ready I got pelted in the face with a clump of orange powder. Apparently the guy on stage threw out a handful, it was going for my boyfriend who was standing in front of me but he ducked and it got me right in the face! I ended up looking like an oompa loompa but was seriously impressed I got it on camera…




Before and After


I think my shoes look cooler this way…

After attempting to clean most of the dye off of ourselves (yet still being left with purple and orange hair) we headed into Sasta in Gort for a post-race re-feed. We may have got a bit excited when we saw the menu and over-judged how hard we had actually worked in our very competitive 5km and ended up ordering a feast of chicken wings, fried sweet onion for starters and pulled pork sandwiches for mains. And as if that wasn’t enough we also just had to order the smores dessert…a saucepan of baked marshmallows, melted chocolate and biscuits… 😍 Don’t be too jealous, we suffered in food comas for the rest of the day but it was so worth it!




Safe to say that that was the mother of all cheat meals!