SuperFit Foodie Bootcamp Brunch

So, after a lot of hesitation and doubt about whether to actually go ahead and do it, I’m so excited to announce my first ever event! I kind of went with the “if it both scares and excites you then go do it” approach and after weeks of planning and organizing I can finally share the details of my first Bootcamp Brunch with you all!


On Sunday August 16th, in The Training Ground, Barna, Co. Galway I’ll be hosting a morning of fun, food and fitness with Geoffrey Sheridan, owner of The Training Ground gym. The event is open to everyone and it doesn’t matter if you’ve just run your latest ultra-marathon or can’t remember the last time you set foot in a gym! The only requirement is that you have an interest in or are interested in getting interested in healthy living! It’ll be a relaxed, fun and informal event so if you’re nervous just go with my approach and do it anyway!

feel the fear

The inspiration for this event came after seeing a few similar ones being held in the UK and US and I just thought “why not in Ireland?”. The amount of people trying to follow a healthy lifestyle is on the rise everyday and this is mainly due to the influence of social media and the availability of information and advice online. The reason it has been so long-lasting and popular this time is because of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where communities have developed and people have found places to go to for support, advice and information. Even though I think this is great, and the support of online fitness communities is amazing, I do feel that it can be lonely and there is an element of real-life social interaction lacking nowadays.

Because of this I wanted to create an event where people can come together face to face and meet people that up until now they may only know from online yet have so much in common with. Also nobody really knows the etiquette for what to do when you meet someone in real life that you only know from commenting and liking each others Instagram pics – at least I don’t! Do you actually go up and say how on fleek their oats were that morning or how good they looked in their latest gym selfie when you spot them in town?! I don’t know!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and haven’t a clue what the #irishfitfam is don’t worry. You may have been defiantly resisting the healthy living trend up until now but this may be the kickstart you need and before long you can be posting your breakfast and gym selfies online too!  😉 (Should I put a disclaimer in?).


Kicking off the day will be a fun but challenging (we want you to work up an appetite!) workout with Trainer Geoffrey Sheridan, owner of The Training Ground gym. Once we’ve tired you all out we’ll have a cool down and stretching session and you’ll have the chance to ask us any fitness and health related questions you might have.

Following this there will be an informal brunch with lots of healthy foods and products and you’ll have loads of time to interact and connect with the other participants. At the end of the day there’ll also be exclusive goodie bags for everyone.

We can’t wait for you to join us and as we love all things social media related, make sure to keep up to date with all the preparation for the big day on social media using the hashtag #superfitbrunch

Tickets are €20 (excluding booking fee (€1.95)) and are available to buy online here


For more information email or check us out on our many social media acounts:






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