Mayan Morsels

Like most women, I love to indulge in a bit of retail therapy every so often and and although I’m usually drawn towards the jewellery section of a shop like a magpie, my biggest weakness has to be health food stores. I could literally spend hours (and a large proportion of my paycheck) in them just browsing the shelves and all the weird and wonderful products.

A few weeks ago while browsing the shelves of Evergreen (and then finding out you could shop online – which could quite possibly be my downfall) I came across a brand called Iswari. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me posting about two of their products, the macaccino powder and the acai, banana and strawberry raw superfood breakfast mix which I loved. So when the team at Iswari went and sent me a few more products to try out I was delighted!


Iswari Ireland are located in Kinsale, Co. Cork (they also have a base in Portugal) and use mostly organic products to produce some really innovative and tasty superfoods. Their products are all sustainably sourced, fairtrade, have low GI contents, are minimally processed and taste great so in my opinion they’re worth paying that little bit extra for! Below is a list of Iswari products I used in this recipe, however they’re all delicious individually and over the next few weeks I’ll have more recipes that these can be used in as my Mayan Morsels only use a small amount of each meaning you’ll have lots leftover.

  • Buddhas Awakening Chocolate Hit – This is a really nutritious breakfast alternative made of milled buckwheat, almonds, chia seeds, lucuma powder, flax seeds, coconut sugar, cacao powder and cacao nibs but I’ve used it here as the filling for my Mayan Morsels.
  • Exotica – These are toasted cacao nibs coated in coconut sugar which I’ve discovered are delicious straight from the bag but also add so much flavour to smoothies and breakfasts.
  • Fruits of Love – This is a snack mix made up of goji berries, mulberries and soaked and dehydrated almonds (which are better for you than normal almonds as the enzyme content is increased and the tanin content decreased. They also taste totally different – they’re drier and crunchier which I actually prefer).
  • Gojinger Raw Chocolate Bar – If you like strong flavours, in particular ginger, then you’ll love this. The ginger is so intense and combined with the chewiness of the goji berries this is a really nice treat. More importantly, you only need a little bit to satisfy your cravings so it lasts a long time for a small bar.

I decided to combine all of the above to create these delicious melt in you mouth Mayan Morsels (so called because of the deep cacao flavours and South American superfoods they contain). They’re super simple to make (no baking required!), are full of good stuff and are the perfect accompaniment to a morning cup of coffee, afternoon tea, night-time snack – pretty much anytime really!


I made two variations which only differ by their topping but which in turn taste totally different. One is topped with some melted Gojinger bar giving it a deep ginger flavour while the other is topped with some crushed Exotica giving it a much sweeter chocolately crunch taste.



Ingredients (makes 20) (Gluten-free, Vegan):


5 medjool dates

50g ground almonds


120ml heated soya or almond milk

3 heaped tablespoons Buddha’s Awakening Chocolate Hit

1 dessert spoon Fruits of Love


Dessertspoon crushed Exotica (cacao nibs)


1/3 Gojinger Bar melted



In a food processor/nutribullet blitz together the dates and almonds until crumbs form then press into a clingfilm lined mini muffin tin.wpid-photogrid_1438035658860.jpg


Gently heat the soya or almond milk then add in the Buddha’s Awakening Breakfast Mix. Rouhgly blitz the Fruits of Love in a food processor and add to the above. Mix well and leave to cool. Add 3/4 teaspoon of this mix to each base shell and flatten.wpid-photogrid_1438035841471.jpg


For the topping there are two variations. For a strong ginger kick just melt 1/3 of the Iswari Gojinger bar and drizzle over half the bites. For a crunchy but sweet cacao flavour just top with a bit of crushed Exotica toasted cacao nibs.




Once made, these will keep for a few days in the fridge but are probably best enjoyed on a sunny day with a cup of coffee…






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