Diary of a Detox – Week 2

Week 2 started off with a jug of Sangria and tapas in the Port House restaurant in Dublin, so depending on how you view things you could say I started the week the right way. On the other hand, it probably wasn’t the most appropriate start to week 2 of a 2 week kickstart/kick in the ass back to healthy living.


Pretty sure this wasn’t part of the plan but YOLO ;P

Week 1 went really well – I stuck to my diet plan from Educogym perfectly and went to the gym every morning. Even though weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, the fact that I was down 6 pounds in a few days was pretty impressive but hardly surprisingly given that the amount of green veg I was eating was probably putting a lot of rabbits to starvation, as well as myself. Well maybe not quite starvation but definitely hangry – which is a scientifically legit fact FYI.

I wrote in more detail about the food plan I was following in my last post which you can read here. I’m not going to lie, it was tough to follow and felt restrictive but in fairness it isn’t designed to be followed for any longer than 12 days. I didn’t stick to it as rigidly this week – probably because the experience from week 1 was fresh in my mind and after the weekend I had re-awoken my sweeth tooth! (On a side note after I published my week 1 blog post somebody asked me about Educogym and if they push supplements. I’m not really a fan of supplements and feel that most people can get what they need from food (I did a whole post on it before which you can read here). On the diet sheet they gave me there were a lot of supplements written on it but during my consultation they were never mentioned and even when I did ask their opinion on protein powders (which they sell there themselves) they said I wouldn’t need it which I really respected as they could easily push it on people who wouldn’t really know about supplements).


My favourite part of this programme was the training and the way it is structured. I love exercising as I still get an endorphin buzz from it but a lot of the time I still do find it hard to motivate myself to get up, get changed and actually go to the gym. With Educogym you schedule in all of your 30 minute sessions at the start of the week which I like as you’re much more likely to commit and go when you know there’s someone there waiting for you to show up. I think that this type of training would be well suited to anyone who finds themself constantly blowing off the gym saying they don’t have the time or they’d prefer to just relax at home.

The training style is resistance training but don’t worry – it’s not a big intimidating gym with free weights and mini-earthquakes everytime somebody drops a barbell. The setup is pretty cool in that there is basically one piece of equipment in the centre of the room with various attachments for working different muscles. 4-5 people can work on it once and a trainer is constantly going around checking up on everybody, assessing form and adjusting weights. It’s a nice setup in that you don’t feel like you’re alone as you can see other people around you also suffering and you get the personal attention of a trainer without it being overbearing.

Educogym Equipment

Educogym Equipment

Every morning when I came in I would do a quick ab circuit and then depending on the day  I would either do a leg, chest and back or arm and shoulder workout, followed by another quick ab circuit. After the first session I was like “this isn’t too bad” but by the end of the second week and as the trainers upped the intensity there were days when simple tasks like washing my hair and walking were a struggle! Strangely enough, I see this as a good thing as it means the trainers aren’t letting people away with easy sessions and are pushing them to do what they are well capable of, no matter how much I heard people chance their luck saying they were too tired or sore.

In terms of weight loss, which is what most people tend to focus on as we like to see physical results, I lost 6 pounds overall. This would have been higher if I hadn’t gone on a three day holiday binge in the middle and put up three pounds – however I managed to lose this again in week 2. My weight naturally seems to stay around 67kg to 70kg which is just under 11 stone and at 5’7″ is healthy. When I say this to people they sometimes try to argue and say I couldn’t be and must be lighter and this is exactly why I tend not to focus on the scales too much. I’m naturally fairly muscular and since that weighs more than fat (I know they weigh the same but you know what I mean) I weigh more than someone who may be the same size but carries a higher proportion of fat tissue than muscle. For that reason when deciding whether or not I need to cut out those extra few treats every now and then I just go by how my clothes feel and whether or not my jeans are starting to cut off my blood supply.


Progress at the end of week 2

To finish what is becoming a much longer post than I had planned, I think this kickstart did what I was hoping it would do! It has got me back into a routine of cooking good healthy meals as well getting back to the gym after a rather extended holiday. Although I found the food to be restrictive it does make you appreciate simple healthy meals and I think that maybe sticking to this stripped back, basic food plan for one or days a week every week or two would be a good thing to try. If anyone is thinking about trying out Educogym I’d say go for it – I used a Living Social voucher which gave me 10 personal training sessions and two nutritional consultations for €80 which was great value and I’d definitely recommend snapping up one of these deals if they come out again to see if it suits you before committing to the full priced programme as it isn’t cheap – however if it works for you and you enjoy then it’s worth it.

Until next week,

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Gym photo


Educogym machine