What on earth is a Spiralizer?

How do you like your zoodles? What’s your favourite spiralizer recipe? Do you have any idea what I’m talking about…? No? Then you’re missing out on a really handy little kitchen gadget for making super healthy meals.


Let me introduce you to the spiralizer…sounds cool right? It’s super simple to use and will easily become an integral part of anyone’s kitchen but in particular those who follow gluten-free, paleo or raw food diets or simply anyone who wants to start eating more fruit and veg. The main reason it has become so popular is because one of its main uses it to make healthier noodles or spaghetti.

By healthier I mean they’re made out of vegetables.


But don’t turn your nose up at that! In Ireland I think it’s pretty well acknowledged that most of us don’t eat nearly as much fruit and vegetables as we should. Most Irish peoples earliest relationship with them started out with stand-offs with your mother at the dinner table until you ate every last carrot, piece of broccoli or pea on your plate (I don’t think bok choy or kale was really in back then…). Until recently, most Irish dinner plates were made up of “potato, meat and two veg”, at least they were up until the last few years when we slowly started to become more health conscious and now supermarkets are constantly running out of sweet potato, spinach and berries. People want to change, most people need to change, and if you want something more exciting than a plate of boiled broccoli then how about some zoodles or courgetti?


Zoodles/courgetti are simply noodles/spaghetti made out of zucchini/courgette (same thing, different names). They can be used as a replacement for noodles or pasta in most recipes and only take about a minute to cook as opposed to 10. Even better zoodles can also be eaten raw with a light dressing (e.g. pesto, citrus dressing or avocado based) as a delicious salad base.


Courgettes aren’t the only vegetables you can spiralize. The spiralizer comes with three interchangeable attachments so you can make thick or thin “noodles” or flat ribbons. You can use anything from carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, apple, sweet potato, squash, pretty much anything with a firm texture so it doesn’t crumble apart.



To use the machine you simply attach your vegetable at each end to the machine and twist. It only takes about 30 seconds to spiralize a whole courgette, cucumber or carrot so it’s really quick. I mostly use it for making raw salads but this week I tried making a warm dish so came up with this Butter Bean, Zoodle and Roasted Vegetables in Puttanesca Sauce and it was so tasty I’ve made it three nights in a row now. It’s just as good as having a big bowl of pasta but contains way less calories and way more nutrients! Pretty much a win win situation and you can find the recipe for it here.




If you’re interested in buying a spiralizer then the one I used and suggest is this La Vida Verde one (which worked great) and was given to me by Market 57, a local shop in Westport (who sell all kinds of cool and quirky kitchen gadgets). You can buy it from their online store kitchencookware.ie for €24.95 which is cheaper than other similar models I’ve seen on Amazon and you’ll be getting from an Irish shop which is always a bonus! This is also the shop I bought the sweet potato crisp maker I posted about a while back and you all (and myself) went crazy for so they’re worth checking out if you’re into cooking and want some handy gadgets.

Don’t forget to check out my Zoodle, Butter Bean and Roasted Vegetable Puttanesca recipe here.

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