ITWBN Summer Cocktail Night

Any night out that involves cocktails is always a good one. The day after the night with cocktails, not so much… However, if it’s an Into the West Blogger Network cocktail night then it’s a different story. You’ll probably still have the hangover but the buzz off the night before doesn’t wear off as you’re still on such a high from all the ideas and advice you’ve been bouncing off other bloggers all night. There are some similarities however, like trying to remember everything that happened down to the last detail and scouring your the photos you took…except in this case it’s to make sure you can blog about it and not because of the fear, well, hopefully not…


Saibh and Sinead from the ITWBN have proven themselves to be experts at throwing big impeccably organized blogger networking events, however they’re also just as capable of putting together more intimate gatherings which gives bloggers a real chance to discuss and share ideas in detail (as well as sample the food and drink of local hotels – read my blog post of our last cocktail night here).

harbour 12(The Bloggers, L-R: Sinead (Yummy Mummy Fashion and Lifestyle), Michael (Educated Machine), Sarah (Siren and Soul), Kelly (soon to be blogger!), Sinead (Skindividual), Mags (Magstyle), Myself, Dolores (Holistic Mummy) and our newest blogger, the lovely Edel (A Dash of Lime). Taking the photo is Saibh Egan who also took all the good quality photos I used here!

On Friday we converged in the beautiful Harbour Hotel located on the Galway docks and just a short stroll from Shop Street and Eyre Square. We had a private area in the bar and even our own mixologist, Simon, for the evening. All the usual cocktails were on the menu but our picks were the Hurricane and Hunk Martini which went down very well…


To sustain all our tweeting, instagramming and snapping we were treated to a selection of finger food and naively we were all expecting to be presented with a plate of cocktail sausages and wedges but were pleasantly surprised with Chef Gary Meehan arrived out to our table to explain what was actually in store for us. As the foodie blogger and lover of any sort of unusual ingredients my eyes, and tastebuds, lit up when I saw the sushi (with gravlax salmon and lemon scented rice wrapped in nori), crab and cucumber rolls with lime aioli, mini caramelized onion and goats cheese tartlets and tiger prawns marinated in lemon, lime,parsley and chervil.

harbour 3


All were delicious and such a thoughtful finger food alternative. This, along with the fact that the Chef took the time to come out and explain his creations for us was really impressive and I’ll definitely be going back to try their full menu. I’m actually really excited to sample their new burger menu (the boyfriend with be delighted with this – so if you actually do read my blog posts like you say you do you can be my date! :P). On the night we sampled the mini burger sliders which the chefs are planning on entering them into a competition later this year and were a winner amongst our group at least!





Once we were sufficiently fed and watered we finally got to watch the short film put together by Wonderful Life Productions of the last ITWBN Blogger Event that was held in the G Hotel in May. If you want a glimpse into what goes on at these blogger events or have ever thought about setting up your own blog but are too scared, just have a look at the wonderful blogger community we have in Ireland and how supportive they are of each other and you might be convinced.

So, after a weekend of indulgence (which was totally worth it) I’m back on day one of healthy eating. To be honest there’s nothing more I want to be doing than sitting here writing with a cup of coffee and a treat but since I’ve come back from Croatia I’ve been feeling way too sorry for myself, poor me right? You can follow along with me on Instagram or subscribe to the blog to hear how I get on at the end of the week!

Wish me luck! I need it…

The SuperFit Foodie