Diary of a Detox – Week 1

Firstly, I’m just going to say that I’m not a fan of the word detox, mainly because of what it has become associated with. Even though our bodies are perfectly capable of breaking down and clearing out most of the hundreds of toxins we encounter every day, be it from food, the environment or cosmetics most people seem to think we need to go on a radical detox every now and then when all we really need to do is cut out the crap and start eating the things we know we should be eating. However, companies have caught on and taken advantage of this and it has become almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing gorgeous models and celebrities endorsing various detox teas…


It girl of the moment Kylie Jenner promoting a detox tea on her Instagram page

Even though cleaning up your diet and making sure you are getting the correct nutrients you need to support your liver and kidneys is the easiest and cheapest way of allowing your body to naturally detoxify and regenerate itself we seem to be so desperate to see and feel immediate results. Most of these teas, as clearly stated on their packaging and websites, are laxatives – so you’ll lose weight for sure but it’s a pretty s**t way of doing it (hahaha….not funny?).To put it nicely they advertise themselves as a  “digestive cleanse” and give it some nice packaging when in reality it seems to be a laxative masked as herbal tea.


Screenshot of the Bootea Teatox website describing how the ‘cleanse’ works

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Facebook pages you might have seen that I decided I needed a “detox” after spending the last few weeks after I came back from holiday being a bit too generous to myself – which is fine, and all in moderation but when the jeans start to become a bit tight you know an intervention is in order. Basically I wanted a bit of a kickstart and when my mom said she had a spare LivingSocial voucher for EducoGym that she couldn’t use I figured it could be just what I needed!

The voucher was for 10 gym sessions and a nutritional consultation so I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go. The nutritional plan I got was fairly simple, which was good. It’s easy to follow and there’s no way to bend the rules. It is a bit boring and there isn’t much room for creativity but I see the benefit of it in that it’s only designed for 12 days as a kickstart programme.My plan involved a lot of eggs, green veg, turkey, cottage cheese and specific fruits, in fact that’s all it involved… There’s no carbs and no dairy but as it’s not designed to be followed for more than 12 days and these are all reintroduced with a new plan afterwards I decided to give it a go.


On Monday I was weighed in and measured (everyone’s favourite part) and had my first gym session which involved resistance machines. It was quick but tough and I was out and home within 30 minutes to make breakfast. Usually I’ll have oats but on this plan carbs were pretty much cut out (hence why it’s only for a few days) so I had natural yoghurt and berries which was pretty tasty. The toughest part came mid morning when my beloved cappuccino was replaced with black coffee…pure torture 😉



I was ravenous by lunchtime so the fact that it was spinach, turkey, green beans, mangetout and sugar snap peas (which actually tasted like sugar cubes in my deprived state) dressed with lemon juice didn’t bother me and was actually pretty tasty. Two hours later I was starving again and when dinner was the same but with the vegetables stir fried I was seriously considering giving up but thought 24 hours would be a bit pathetic.


On Tuesday, after my second morning in the gym I was reinvigorated. Breakfast and lunch were the same but cottage cheese replaced the turkey. (It may have been my mum’s birthday and I may have had a slice of cake but to be honest, the fact that I knew all day that it was coming just kept me motivated to stay “clean” for the rest of the day – and I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed every bite).


Wednesday is a bit of a blur but it basically involved me thinking about food 24/7.


On Thursday I had my second weigh in and was surprised that I’d lost 4 pounds. I didn’t really go into this with the main aim of losing weight. I wanted to lose a bit but was moreso looking for a kickstart back to a healthy lifestyle. However I think everyone gets more motivated to keep something up when they see physical results.

On Thursday evening I broke a bit and got a bit fed up foodwise. I ‘forgot’ to stock up on all my green veg so couldn’t stick to the plan (devestating). However I didn’t actually crave anything unhealthy which was surprising. All I wanted was some different coloured vegetables and quinoa so whipped up this little beauty and maybe it was the lack of any sort of flavour the previous few days but this dinner of quinoa cooked in cumin with soya beans, pomegranate seeds, mint and lemon with a side of salmon  was ah-maz-ing.


Stripping back your diet completely so makes you really appreciate the tastes and flavours in good food and maybe I’m just weird but I didn’t really want anything greasy and fatty.

I got weighed in again on Friday, thinking that my delicious but forbidden meal would give me away but I was actually down another two pounds. Now I know that losing more than 2-3 pounds a week means that you’ve probably lost mostly water so I’m not expecting to keep this all of this off, especially as this weekend I’m heading up to Dublin with my mum and sister and really don’t expect them to want to go scouting out health food cafes with me (but to be honest neither do I).


I’m fully expecting to come back next week back up close to my starting weight (and am more scared of the trainers being like what the heck did you do? Even thought they’re all lovely up there) but I’ll give it another go next week and do an update on round 2!

The SuperFit Foodie