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I love making lists, mainly for that sense of satisfaction you get when you cross something off, even if it’s just a simple thing like a shopping or daily to do list. Maybe that’s why I also love goal setting and find it so valuable. There’s always something to work towards and something you can check off the list. While I was making up my latest goal sheet I thought it would be great if I could share it with others so that they can try it out and see if it works for them. So then I added a goal to my list to make a downloadable guide and worksheet I could share on my blog and here it is!
I’ve been making goal sheets for as long as I can remember but it really started when I began rowing in school and kept a training diary. On the first day of every season I would write down my goals for the year which ranged from getting a personal best in a fitness test to winning National Championships and rowing for Ireland  (I also had “go to the Olympics” down there which, as crazy as it may have sounded to us at the time, wasn’t actually that ridiculous as one of the girls who was on my crew is actually looking to qualify for Rio 2016 – so dream big, no reason you can’t do it!). Every time I accomplished a goal, no matter how small, I would go back to the first page and cross it off, each time getting a huge sense of satisfaction. It’s addictive so after I crossed one of, such as get a personal best, I would just stick in a new goal of getting another PB. You should never have an empty goal sheet!
Back then my goals were always just sport and school oriented but now I set them for everything as I’ve learned how valuable they are. The times we are most focused and hard at work are times like the leaving cert, college exams or if we’re training for a race etc. We know exactly what we want to achieve and form a plan of how to get it. But in other areas of life where what we want isn’t so clear it can be hard to get focused and get stuff done. You have to know what your goals are if you want to make a change.
I don’t know what my goals are?
Everyone should have goals and even if you think you don’t know what yours are it’s easy to find out. Just take out a pen and piece of paper and scribble down everything that comes to mind in relation to the following:
1. What makes me happy?
2. What do I want to do more of?
3. What do I want to do less of?
4. What do I want to have achieved in the next 5 years in terms of my career,education, relationships, family life, my hobbies, travel, health, fitness etc.?
How to Use the Downloads
Once you have an idea of what you want then read the “How to Set Achievable Goals” guide.
When you’ve done that then have a look at the “How to Use the Goal Setting Sheet” document. (Don’t worry these are  both short!).
Finally, pick which one of the three Goal Setting Sheets you want to use, print it off, make it your screensaver, stick in on your wall, car, fridge, mirror, desk, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, wherever your going to see it and constantly remind yourself exactly what it is you want!
Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious mind…the more you remind yourself how much you want something the more your mind will convince you to go out and get it!
Happy Goal Setting and don’t be afraid to set your sights high! The most successful people in life started out with “ridiculous” goals.
The SuperFit Foodie

The downloads are available for free on Google Drive – click here to access them.

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