5 Tips Learned from Women in Business

Sitting in a room full of successful businesswomen sharing their tips for success is bound to have an effect on you and this is what happened at the Irish Tatler Working Lunch Event in the G Hotel Galway with Norah Casey. Listening to other women speak about how they set up their businesses and balance their lives around them is inspiring. So fresh with these tips in my mind I figured it would make a perfect blog post to share with you guys and I hope that it will be of benefit to somebody else too. The tips are all fairly simple but effective and apply to both business as well as life in general.



1.    Fake it ’til you make it…
simplest example of this is smiling if you’re upset or angry. The action
of smiling will trick your brain into thinking you are happy and  spark of a set of neuronal interactions to
release the happy chemicals dopamine and serotonin which end up making you physically happy (try it – you might look a little crazy but it works!). It’s the same way that frowning can make you feel angry or upset – interestingly enough people with botox who can’t frown report feeling less stressed and anxious compared to those without it!
The smiling scenario is a simple example of faking it. In life when you feel you are not good enough or not ready for something just fake it too. If you walk into an event where inside you are sh*****g it and are terrified of making a fool of yourself just keep repeating to yourself that you are the
most confident, outgoing, witty person in the room and after a few events doing this you will eventually start to
believe it and act like it in the same way that you told yourself before you weren’t confident or chatty enough.
2.   Stop doing things you’re comfortable with…
We only
grow when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones. If you do the same things day in day out because they are familiar and you are comfortable
with them then you’re not growing as a person. Push
yourself to try new things, or even better, things that scare you a little
as this is what stimulate you’re brain and allow you to grow as a person.
3.   The following of the dream is where the success
should have dreams and ambitions for themselves but it’s easy to
leave it as this, dreams. These are things that you clearly really want so once you start working towards them and persevere, chances are you will  be successful as people put way more effort into things they are passionate about than things they feel they have to do.  If you take a few simple steps every day that move you in the direction of your goal then you can make what were once dreams a reality. So simply figure out what it is that you want, make a plan and then just go for it.
4.   To make a change you need to make an action as
well as an attitude shift simultaneously…
If you’ve
gotten to the stage where you’ve changed your mindest and attitude that’s
great, but nothing’s going to happen unless you also change your actions. We are great for saying we’re going to do this or that
but when it comes to actually doing something it’s a totally different story. Unless
we really want to do something we will find an excuse so the simplest way to
start is to make introduce small changes and then as these become part
of your daily life you can focus on bigger ones.
5.   Your job is your life so you might as well do
something you like…           
As much
as most of us would like to believe that we aren’t our job, truth is we are. We spend the majority of our day working and for most people it doesn’t stop once it’s time to clock off. There are still emails, notifications and calls coming through that we have to deal with on our own time. The term “work/life balance” seems to be redundant and it is now about “work/life
blending”. If you are working in a job that you like this shouldn’t be a
problem but if you are miserable and living for your days off or holidays then
maybe consider a changing things up. It doesn’t have to be a change in career but try figure out what it is that you don’t like and see if there’s a way you can change it.
The SuperFit Foodie
Faking it ’til I make it as a real businesswoman 😉