The 80/20 Lifestyle

I’ve mentioned a few times that I follow an “80/20” lifestyle and often get messages asking what I mean by that. Basically it’s just a lifestyle of eating healthily 80% of the time and letting yourself have a few cheats the other 20%, really simple!
I don’t rigidly stick to these percentages. Generally I would try and eat healthy during the week so that on the weekends I can go for a nice lunch or dinner, to the cinema, out with friends or whatever and not feel bad about doing it.
I think that allowing yourself to enjoy a few treats and have a good social life is so important for your mental health and your relationships with others. Being so restrictive with your diet that you’re constantly craving treats or feel bad about going out because you’ll ruin your diet can be damaging for both.
I like to keep most of my meals during the week healthy and full of fruit and veg as I feel good after eating them. Being honest my favourite treat is a cappuccino, and would have one a day so they would probably contribute to the 20%. I also love going out for lunch or dinner on the weekend like I did last night. We went to a gorgeous Italian restaurant where I got bruschetta, pasta and the nicest chocolate tart I’ve had in a restaurant (has anyone else had this in Il Folleto in Galway – it’s the chocolate praline one on a hazelnut and biscuit base…so good).
I think that as long as you enjoy your treats as opposed to just having a chocolate bar because you’re feeling a bit peckish then they’re a god thing!
Out of the gym gear and into the heels 🙂