It’s Christmaaaaaas!

Usually I put loads of thought into what I’m going to write about in a blog post but end up spending so long thinking about them that I never write actually write it so I’m not gonna do that with this one and see what happens! Right now it’s the week before Christmas, exactly seven days to go and as usual I left all my shopping until the last minute and am panicking as there is one weekend left but with the PDF Christmas party and meeting up with all my friends who are home I don’t anticipate being able to do much shopping over the weekend…but sitting on the couch and finally getting to sample one of the 100 desserts my mom has made for Christmas sounds better (she doesn’t do “clean eating”, gluten-free or paleo so they are all, loaded with cream, butter and alcohol – pretty much everything has a drop of brandy or whiskey and this year she’s also made some Grappa sorbet for Christmas dinner – fancy right? My absolute favourite Christmas food is mince pies with brandy butter minus the mince pies and half the jar usually ends up just being scooped out and into my mouth by the spoonful). BUUUUT I’ve been trying so hard to resist all this over the past few weeks so that when I do go mad over Christmas it’s actually enjoyable.

Tonight is also my last class in PDF for this year – is it sad that I’m sad about this? I just love going out there and being surrounded by great people and getting a great workout in. It’s kind of funny how I love training and working out but if left to do it myself without somebody telling me exactly what to do I won’t do it, I’ll just sit on the couch and flick through Instagram fitness photos… I also tend to get the slightest bit moody if I don’t exercise for a few days (does anyone else get like this – I spend a year after I quit rowing doing no exercise – I was a moody b***h – so apologies to everyone who was around me then!). I have the best intentions of keeping active over Christmas but not sure if that’s actually going to happen! If I get some cool new gym gear (I’ve dropped plenty of hints) for Christmas I’m gonna want to show it off so might go for a run in Salthill (although I’ll more than likely just drive down, do a quick walk and sit in Coco Cafe drinking hot chocolate). I do have a punching bag so if spending a week in a confined space with the family all gets too much that may come in handy!

I did these two sessions in class recently and will definitely, hopefully, think about, maybe doing these over Christmas as they are short, effective and you don’t need gym equipment. If I were to pick a few of the most effective exercises that you can do at home without equipment or weights I would definitely say plank, push-ups, sit-downs and burpees. I think these are so under-estimated, at least I used to think these were to simple to make a big impact but after doing these all year and seeing how much they have helped sculpt my figure I’m a huge fan. Planks and press-ups do wonders for your core (you wouldn’t think press-ups do but once you start doing them off your toes you realize how big a part your core plays) as do the sit-downs (I’m only new to these but they are basically like a sit-up but instead of focusing on going as fast as possible you are really focusing on lowering yourself down to the floor as slow as possible – it burns, it really burns). The burpees are great for overall conditioning and increasing aerobic fitness – I’ve never met anybody who doesn’t like burpees 😉 I love pull-ups but for me they are the hardest thing to improve at. I even bought a pull-up bar for home but after an embarrassing incident which involved the bar coming loose mid pull-up and me getting my ego and body a bit bruised I haven’t done much practice at home…