Tough Mudder Countdown!!

Only three more days until Tough Mudder is finally here! Since signing up for this in April I felt like the day would never come. Nervous but also excited as I’ve done two mud runs before and know how much fun they are but Tough Mudder is branded as the toughest mud run on earth and was apparently developed by the US Special Forces as part of their training… Although with the amount of training we have all done for it we should be fine! If not don’t fear there is beer at the finish line, so keep running!;)

The course map and some photos were put up online this week..definitely most looking forward the Arctic Enema (in case you don’t know what that is it’s a giant storage container filled with tonnes of ice that we have to swim through!!) and the Electroshock Therapy, fairly self-explanatory! They’re probably the reason we’re being asked to sign a four page waiver but hey, if everyone else is doing it! It also can’t be much more dangerous than the current dolphin incident happening in our recent training spot…

Doing my final tough training session tonight before resting up, carb-loading (any excuse) and drinking (water 🙁 ) for the rest of the weekend. Then up at 4 a.m. on Sunday morning to get the party bus to Dublin to join up with the other 500 or so members of the team!