About fitstigrammer


So this is my first ever blog post, exciting! I’ll start off by introducing myself.. My name is Aisling but on this go by the name The SuperFit Foodie (formerly Fitstigrammer). I initially set up an Instagram and Facebook page like a lot of people do to try and monitor my health and fitness journey but wanted to keep it anonymous because I was too shy…not anymore! The name Fitstigrammer was supposed to be a merge of fitness/instagram/instagrammer, but it didn’t really work so I changed it to The SuperFit Foodie!

I’ve always been athletic and would probably be right to say obsessed with training (at least that’s how everyone used to describe me!). I was a rower – if you know anyone who rows then you’ll have a good idea of the sort of person I am – slightly mad and just a bit competitive but also a massive team player! I represented Ireland internationally as a junior and won Irish National Championships so I was pretty serious about it. Training involved getting up at 5.30am everyday before school and either heading out  on the river at the crack of dawn in sub-zero temperatures, going off around the city for a run, training on the indoor rowing machine for hours in a cold gym with the occasional mouse running around or doing weights sessions (something that did not have the same appeal as it does now!) but I loved it all – most of the time!

As I got older I decided to take some time away as I stopped enjoying it and was coming home from training everyday feeling miserable and frustrated and ultimately counting down the days until the season was over. I was also going into final year of my Biochemistry degree and decided to take a year out. I considered going back after doing my Masters degree as I knew I needed to get back into shape and really missed the endorphin rush exercise gives me. I found it hard to go to the gym by myself as it was lonely and boring and I didn’t really have anything to work towards so just sort of lost motivation. Obviously I kept eating like a rower and since I wasn’t training anymore I quickly piled on weight. For someone who was always known to their friends and family as being the fit and healthy one it was fairly hard and upsetting to be the heavy one in my group of friends and no matter how much I wanted to I just couldn’t change my diet by myself…I love my food too much!

I considered going back rowing but didn’t want to end up feeling the way I did went I stopped. One day last August I happened to come across a Facebook post for a womens semi-personal strength training course in Galway and after lots of deliberation decided to bite the bullet and sign up. It didn’t sound like one of those pointless gym classes with pink dumbbells where you’re not really pushed out of your comfort zone so I said I’d try it for a month. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made! In the first 3 months I lost 26 pounds and went down two dress sizes. It’s a year later now and I haven’t put it all back on even though I’m not half as strict about what I eat. I think it’s because I’m now so used to eating healthy or ‘clean’ that I’m lucky enough that the simplest of fruits can taste like a treat and processed foods just make me feel groggy and sick. I know that sounds ridiculous to anyone who has never felt like that but the saying ‘you’ve no idea how good your body is designed to feel really is true’!

I find that writing about it keeps me motivated and pushes me out of my comfort zone as it’s something I would never have even dreamed of doing before! Hopefully some people enjoy reading it and maybe even get some inspiration from it:)

Talk soon,
The SuperFit Foodie